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The ultimate zero waste and sustainable Yogi box

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What we had in mind while designing this product?

As yogis we begin a journey towards working on a holistic lifestyle. And that is when we realize we are inter connected with the environment that we live in. Since it all starts with the yoga practice, we wanted to be the one to make your journey a tad easier by providing you with the perfect props for your practice that contributes to your goals.


Yoga mat dimensions – 26.5 inches X 74.5 inches

Yoga towel dimensions – 18 inches x 14 inches

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Our zero waste yoga products are made with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials – Upcycled hemp knits and cotton. They are designed to help reduce your carbon footprint while providing the best possible yoga experience.
Inside each Zero Waste Yoga Products box, you’ll find:
  • 100% cotton hand woven yoga mat that is non toxic; making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious yogi.
  • 100% cotton hand painted yoga towel. This innovative towel with dual sides is designed keeping in mind the needs of the your sensitive skin. Switch the sides – one for your face and the other for entire body to prevent breakouts. This towel is perfect for sweat management during hot yoga or any other high-intensity practice. It is antibacterial and built to last long.
  • Hemp knit utility pouch. Go hands free and enjoy your workout.


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